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1. A serious approach to your good health…
Before the first bottle of St.herb was made available, we looked carefully at research regarding the safety and effectiveness of Pueraria Mirifica, the active ingredient in St.herb.

2. Research you can trust…
We have studied a wealth of information from several renowned universities in Thailand where there is a vast body of research and a history of success treating a wide range of conditions with herbal supplements.

3. Safety in numbers…
Thousands of women take St.herb for safe and effective breast enhancement -- women who have undergone hysterectomies, childbirth and breast-feeding, as well as those who were unhappy with the results of breast surgery.

4. A Spotless Reputation…

To date, we have not received a single complaint about any adverse effects related to St.herb.

5. The Information You've Been Waiting For…
We're eager to share our research results so you can see how St.herb is already changing women's lives in a positive way and how it can be a benefit to your life as well.



*all test subjects were healthy, pre-menopausal women



The Subjects 

The women who participated in the two-month study were all pre-menopausal with normal monthly menstrual cycles. They were divided into three groups. Group A took a full 800mg dose daily (four caplets) for 15 days per month. Group B took a reduced 400mg dose daily (two caplets). The third group, Group C, was given a placebo, a "fake" pill with nothing other than tapioca starch.

The Results After Two Months
After 8 weeks on the program, 94% of the women in Group A noticed breast firmness and 88% reported noticeable breast enlargement. A smaller number, 44%, of women in Group B also reported that they could feel their breasts firming.

The evidence pointed overwhelmingly that increased benefits beyond breast firmness could be achieved by taking a full 800mg. dose. 94% of the women in Group A reported improvement in skin while 88% felt they had healthier hair. 85% reported an increase in vaginal secretions which is associated with female sexual potency.

Although the women in Group A were listed as having normal, healthy menstrual cycles, 29% nonetheless reported healthier menstruation during the two months that they participated in the trial.

Second Study
In a separate study, results indicated that the active ingredient in St.herb provides to symptoms related to menopause for those women seeking a safe and natural alternative to chemical-based hormone therapy.

The Subjects
The women who participated in the four-month study were all experiencing menopause and ranged in age from 35 to 58. They took a 200mg daily dose for 21 days during each month of the trial.

The Results After Four Months 
Remarkably, 100% of the test subjects experienced relief of their symptoms.
The table below shows that hot flashes, dry skin, and anxiety were alleviated in not one, but all participants. Many women got their periods back and experienced improved health and emotional well-being.